2018 LHI Kids Track Championships
2018 LHI Kids Track Championships

2018 LHI Kids Track Championships

Participants are allowed to register for ONE local meet ONLY. Please select the community in which you plan to compete.

You will need the following information to complete the registration:
First Name | Last Name
Address | City | State | Zip
Date of Birth (mm/dd/year)
Phone Number
T-Shirt Size - Participants will only receive a t-shirt if they advance to the State meet on June 9.

For Relays:
Please know the first and last name of other participants on your relay. All participants in a relay MUST REGISTER as an individual. Even if they are running the relay only. Just entering their name with the other relay members does not mean they are registered. EVERY PARTICIPANT MUST SUBMIT A REGISTRATION!

This is a free event. Participants are allowed to participate in up to THREE events. Participants may choose two running and one field or two field and one running events. Relays do NOT count as a running event so participants can do three events plus a relay. 

6 and Under:
Some communities allow boys and girls 6 & Under to "compete" at local meets so they can gain an understanding of what track and field is about and how a meet is run. These participants will NOT qualify for the State Meet. NOTE: Not all communities offer this age option.

IMPORTANT!! - Please write down your username and password and save in a safe place for future registrations.

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