2022 State Games of America Admissions
2022 State Games of America Admissions

2022 State Games of America Admissions

Below are options for purchasing admissions and opening ceremony tickets for the 2022 State Games of America (SGA). 

Super Pass: $20
The Super Pass includes admission to all venues for all days of 2022 SGA as well as Opening Ceremony on Friday, July 29. You can purchase a Super Pass for $20 per person through July 11. Super Passes will be available to pick up at participant check-in. Super Passes will also be for sale on-site at participant check-in during packet pick-up for $25.

Opening Ceremony: $10
Opening Ceremony tickets can be purchased for $10 per person. Ages 2 & Under are free. All participants and coaches can attend Opening Ceremony at no charge, however, they must show their athlete/coach credential for entry. Athletes and coaches are welcome to participate in the Parade of Athletes. Visit your sport page for more details:(click here for a list of sports)

Daily Admissions: $5
All spectators above age 2 must pay daily admission. Ages 2 & under are free. Admission is $5/day. Admission can be pre-purchased during registration for the event, purchased through this link by clicking "Register Now" below through July 11, or can be purchased on-site. Pre-paid admission wristbands will be mailed to the address on file on July 12.

Individual sports taking admissions include: Archery NASP, Basketball Shooting, Bowling, Figure Skating, Judo, Light Saber, Martial Arts, Ninja, Pickleball, Racquetball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Track & Field, Wrestling, and Yoga. 

Some events will not have the ability to purchase admission through their sport registration and must be purchased here or on-site. These events include: Figure Skating, Ninja, Pickleball, and Yoga.

Team Admissions:
SGA spectator admission is included in team entry fee. This allows unlimited admissions per team at their sport venue. WRISTBANDS ARE NOT NEEDED FOR TEAM SPORTS.

Applies to Baseball, Adult Basketball, Youth Basketball, Flag Football, Ice Hockey, Youth Soccer, and Youth Softball.

Opening Ceremony spectator tickets are not included and can be purchased separately for $10 per person (ages 2 & under are free). Participants and coaches can attend all events (including Opening Ceremony) at no charge but they must show their athlete/coach credential for entry. Credentials will be distributed during participant check-in.

For any questions, please email info@stategamesofamerica.com.
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