2022 Membership

Member Cities, Affiliates (Clubs) or Unattached Athlete

2022 Membership

Member Cities, Affiliates (Clubs) or Unattached Athlete

2022 T.A.A.F. Membership

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We appreciate your participation with T.A.A.F.   If you find something that needs our attention or if you need assistance, please contact us.

Our goal is to provide you with a better experience during membership and registration.  We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Member City
A municipal/county Parks and/or Recreation Department, a community association or Municipal Utility District (MUD) Parks and/or Recreation engaged in promoting amateur athletics.


Affiliate Members
Any private facility, community agency, or organization (excluding Parks and Recreation Departments) located in a city wishing to participate in T.A.A.F. team and/or individual sport programs, meets or tournaments.  Any affiliate within the city limits of a member city must have their membership application approved by the member city. (If you are a new affiliate member, and approval is not granted, your $100.00 will be refunded) The only time refunds for Affiliate Memberships are given are if the Affiliate Membership is not approved through your city/region. All coaches with your organization must pass a background check prior to participating in any TAAF event. Affiliate region assignment is done based off the address provided when signing up/renewing affiliate membership

$100/year per sport

Unattached Individual Athlete
An unattached athlete is a membership for individuals who are not members of a member city team or affiliate club.

An unattached athlete is a singular registration, thus they are ineligible for team events (i.e. relays.) Additionally, unattached athletes do not receive all privileges of teams (i.e. coach's passes or other similar team privileges.) Unattached athlete region assignment is based off address provided when signing up

$20/year per sport

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